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We encourage personalisation of bedrooms with photographs and important personal items to the individual brought in, this is often done prior to the arrival of the service user to make the room feel more like home from day 1.

We welcome visitors at all times during the day as long as the service user wishes. Visitors are welcome to have a meal with their relatives and tea, coffee and cold drinks are provided for your enjoyment.

Services that we can provide include weekly hairdressing and physiotherapy, 6 weekly visits from the chiropodist, optician visits and at least weekly visits from the local G.P.

Measures taken to ensure comfort

The registered providers, the manager and the staff aim to offer you the best standards of nursing care and personal attention possible by providing a secure and happy home.

Joanna Deacon the manager is a registered nurse and is supported by a team of registered nurses, senior carers and carers.

Our staff are experienced and trained in the care of older people and other areas such as first aid, fire and food hygiene.

We aim to keep the environment of the home as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and to offer service users the opportunity to be as independent as possible.

Residents are encouraged to be involved in decision making within the home through regular meetings and in personal consultation.

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Cherry Garden Nursing Home
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(f): 01628 825 033